Cygnet Midwest

Stellar Creative Strategic Results

Beefing Up Brand Awareness

Case Study for the INK-O-DEM® Cartridge Refilling System

THE CHALLENGE: To increase product visibility among top 50 retailers in the US.

THE STRATEGY: Cygnet Midwest used print advertising in trade journals, direct mail campaign and complimentary website launch to create high visibility in the key target. We developed the entire campaign and launched in a two week period to correspond with a roll-out by one of the Nation’s top retailers. The campaign theme carried through at national trade shows including the PMA.

THE CREATIVE: Our design team created a humorous and eye-popping campaign all based on the theme of the "Cash Cow". The theme was able to transcend all media in the initial roll-out. Subsequent variations including "Got Ink?" and "Leaving Las Vegas" milked the cow through to trade show advertising and follow-up media to renew messaging. In addition to traditional media, we produced and direct mailed memorable heifer-spotted ink cartridges with messaging to reinforce product identity to targeted prospects, as well as gaining a spot as the sponsor of the "Retailer of the Year" Award.

GREAT RESULTS: Our client successfully initiated pilot programs in the 3 top retailers in the nation as well as programs in regional retailers in the Midwest and Texas, within a 6-9 month period. The client also increased their installed units with an existing leading national retail customer to 75% of all outlets.

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