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Q and A with the Boss

For National Boss’s Day at Cygnet we asked our boss some questions about the company. What did your office do for Boss’s Day? Continue reading to learn what our boss, Laura, has to say about the company and the marketing industry over the years. Cygnet Midwest has been in business for over 30 years. What […]

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Boost Your ROI on Email Marketing: Part 2

Cleaning an outdated or stale email list can be a big undertaking. The two things you should do to clean your list are email validation and email hygiene. We’ll go over each service below. Email validation is an automated process that checks mail servers and splits the list up into categories depending on the deliverability […]

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Let Our Results Work for You

Are your numbers heading in the right direction? These numbers show measurable results for our clients. Find out more by clicking on the graphics below. Cygnet Midwest can help your business’s numbers go in the right direction. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let Our Results Work For You Our Numbers

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Boost Your ROI on Email Marketing: Part 1

Have you increased your email blast return on investment through list management, re-engagement or email testing? Blasting to a bad list can affect your sender reputation and even blacklist your company. The average email list erodes by 22% annually. Consistent list maintenance keeps you from throwing marketing dollars away on each e-blast. Red flags you […]

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Crayola ColorCycle

With increased in awareness of the overuse of plastics and the way it’s threatening our environment, we need to take action. Back to school usually means cleaning out last year’s supplies to start fresh. While recycling old worksheets and used loose-leaf paper may seem obvious; the correct way to dispose of materials such as plastic […]

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The World Wide Web

Today is World Wide Web day! What started with a vision for universality and connectivity, quickly turned into one of the largest platforms of communication used today.                 In 1989, British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. The Web was originally developed to aid in information sharing between scientists at universities around the world. […]

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Do you want to keep your customers? Keep it simple

Keep It Simple

In today’s oversaturated market, how do you keep your customer’s attention? Simplicity is key! When talking about marketing keeping it simple is one of the most effective ways to stand out against your competitors. If the consumer can easily gather and understand information they need to make a decision, the more likely they are to […]

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Prevent disaster and achieve peace of mind with one of Cygnet Midwest’s Web Site Continuity Care Plans. Available for any platform, including: WordPress, other Content Management Systems, and static sites. Your site is crucial to your business. With security issues, hackers trying to break-in and software updates, your site needs to be managed to run […]

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Are You Struggling with LinkedIn?

Cygnet Midwest can help. Get your LinkedIn page in tip-top shape Professionally designed graphics Professionally written text Timely updates that engage your customers and associates We can also help with other social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more! Contact us today to learn more!

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Graduates of the 2015 Emerging Leaders Program

Cygnet Midwest’s President Graduates from the Emerging Leaders Program

Cygnet Midwest President, Laura Adamski, has graduated from the Small Business Administration’s 2015 Emerging Leaders Program. The Emerging Leaders Program is a seven-month intensive executive entrepreneurship educational program that includes 100 hours of class time and provides the opportunity for small business owners to work with experienced mentors, attend workshops, and network with other business […]

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