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Web Apps

Robust, database driven web apps can be a great asset for a business to offer to their customers. Delivering secure, protected data, and functionality online to your customers is becoming a common occurrence among businesses both large and small. We build and maintain web apps and the databases that drive them. From secure apps that are restricted to registered users to general public facing apps, we design, build and launch web apps that work across all modern browsers and operating systems. We can even integrate with third-party ERPs, CRMs, accounting and inventory software, sales tools, etc. You dream of it, we will create it for you!

Desktop Apps

In certain situations, a desktop app is the preferred method of delivering your business's data. For example, your customers may have not an internet connection available at all times. This is where a desktop app comes in to play. The desktop apps we build are web-enabled, meaning they can connect to an online database when an internet connection is available in order to update data and even functionality. When an internet connection is not available, the app works normally, simply with no updates. All of the desktop apps we create are cross-platform and can work on both Windows and Mac computers.

Mobile Apps

In some instances, a mobile app is the best solution for your customers. Whether for a phone or a tablet, we can bring your app idea to life. Our apps can be built to work on both iOS and Android devices. After creating your app, we will submit to Apple's App Store, Google Play, and any other platforms you want your app to appear on.

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