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Summer is here and so are some hosting updates! We've upgraded our private server's hard drives so they run faster— up to 20x faster! This translates directly to a faster web site for your users.


Starting this month, your web site can use up to 1GB of storage. For those of you with more than 1 web site with us, this amount applies per fully hosted web site. Don't worry — your site is currently not close to the 1GB threshhold. If your site does go over this limit, it is simple and inexpensive to upgrade. For only $2 additional per month, your site can get another full GB of storage.


We are moving all of our web site hosting to pre-paid annual plans. If you are currently paying for hosting monthly, you will receive a bill in July for the remainder of the year. In January, you will be issued an annual hosting bill. As always, you can cancel your hosting at any time and will be refunded any pre-paid hosting costs that your site has not used (rounded down to the closest month). Domain registrations will still be billed annually during the month of their renewal. Please provide a 2 week notice for any domain registration changes prior to the renewal date.

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Keeping your site live is one of our top priorities. That's why we monitor your sites 24/7 for outages and timeouts. We are notifed within a few minutes of any errors. This let's us respond immediately to any issues and get your site back online as soon as possible.

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MilitaryHire web site redesign

We recently redesigned — a leading job portal for veterans. Visit to see the redesign.

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