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Welcome to the Era of Design

Found a brilliant blog post today that I had to share. Welcome to the Era of Design by Adam Swann is all about how increasingly important design has become to consumers, and therefore, to your business.

It really is a must read article. It distills down what I?ve been trumpeting for years now:

Design is one of the most important things your business can invest in and should never be handled as an after-thought.

The success of Apple, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, AirBnB, etc is proof of this. My favorite piece from the article? The last paragraph:

So this is a call to action for executives to recognize this new era and make the effort to transform even a mundane product or service into something more rewarding and more memorable. Try to assess each element of your service or product and better it?to see design not just as a marketing thing but as a genuine source of competitive advantage, customer and employee satisfaction and, lastly, a route to higher profits.

Do your business a favor and go read the article: