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Q and A with the Boss

For National Boss’s Day at Cygnet we asked our boss some questions about the company. What did your office do for Boss?s Day? Continue reading to learn what our boss, Laura, has to say about the company and the marketing industry over the years.

  • Cygnet Midwest has been in business for over 30 years. What significant changes have you seen in the marketing or advertising industry?
    • The industry has seen a major shift in digital marketing over the last decade.  As technology and trends evolve, we are able to leverage analytics, intelligence and data to reach more targeted audiences and deliver dynamic content & advertising.
  • How has technology helped develop marketing/advertising over the years?
    • Technology is allowing us to bring a targeted customer through the buying channel faster and more efficiently. Not only does this allow us to produce a better return on investment, tech creates better measurement tools so we can track and adjust campaigns more efficiently.
  • What new services or products has Cygnet brought on recently that you are excited about?
    • Two new services – Cygnet?s new Marketing Automation Platform and our Analytic Reporting Software. Both of these platforms offer robust opportunities for our clients to expand their sales with better delivery and data. Clients are busy and we want to provide them with turnkey, easy to understand solutions that can enhance the services we already provide.
  • What can a potential client expect when considering working with Cygnet?
    • Cygnet?s team will be an extension of the client?s marketing department. We want to help each client define what success looks like to them and then provide responsive, creative marketing with the measurements built in to reach their success.