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The World Wide Web

Today is World Wide Web day! What started with a vision for universality and connectivity, quickly turned into one of the largest platforms of communication used today.                 In 1989, British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. The Web was originally developed to aid in information sharing between scientists at universities around the world. […]

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Graduates of the 2015 Emerging Leaders Program

Cygnet Midwest’s President Graduates from the Emerging Leaders Program

Cygnet Midwest President, Laura Adamski, has graduated from the Small Business Administration?s 2015 Emerging Leaders Program. The Emerging Leaders Program is a seven-month intensive executive entrepreneurship educational program that includes 100 hours of class time and provides the opportunity for small business owners to work with experienced mentors, attend workshops, and network with other business […]

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It’s easy being green

Businesses turning to energy-saving practices, offering products friendly to the environmentJanuary 2, 2008By Paige Winfield Staff writer Green is the color that drives businesses – but now it’s not just the green of money. As concern for the environment has increasing influence on American consumers, suppliers are discovering that a way to get green is […]

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