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Boost Your ROI on Email Marketing: Part 1

Have you increased your email blast return on investment through list management, re-engagement or email testing? Blasting to a bad list can affect your sender reputation and even blacklist your company. The average email list erodes by 22% annually. Consistent list maintenance keeps you from throwing marketing dollars away on each e-blast. Red flags you should watch for include bounces, black hole emails and spam traps.  Let?s look at each for potential maintenance issues.

There are a number of reasons an email is bounced, or rejected by the mail server of the recipient and returned to sender. Simple reasons for bounces include incorrect addresses, typos, or dead addresses that no longer exist. When maintained properly, your bounce rate should not exceed 2%. If your bounce rate is 5% or more, list maintenance is overdue.

Black hole emails are ones that exists, but when a message is sent there, it automatically is deleted. This could be from inactivity on an old account that?s no longer used. Black hole emails can penalize you with spam hits which damage your sender reputation. If no one is at the other end receiving the email, than you are sending and spending on someone who will no longer take action.

While some inactive emails turn into black holes, others end up as spam traps. Spam traps are a tool used by many internet service providers to protect users from fraud. Spam traps appear to be normal emails, but are no longer real addresses. They exist to catch spammers who are not using good list hygiene techniques. If you get stuck in a spam trap you could be blacklisted- banned from sending emails.

What can you do? Utilize confirmation emails, surveys and landing pages to re-engage your list. Have a policy determining when to remove them from your list. If 70-75% of your email subscribers are inactive, than only about a quarter of your spend is benefiting. Keeping your list updated and engaged produces higher ROI and stronger attribution for that marketing spend. Stay tuned for the next blog in our series on email marketing to get tips on cleaning your list.

If you have questions on email marketing or need help with your email list, please reach out to Laura at or call (630) 527-0900.